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Getting started with new CPT code
You face major adjustments this month as revised behavioral health codes take effect for private insurance, Medicare and other public programs.  From January, 2013 issue

New managed care lawsuits focus on fee cuts and access
Mental health professionals have scored few legal victories against managed care. Now they're trying to prove several managed care policies are violations of parity laws. From May 2012 issue

Rate cuts and other changes
disturb panel providers

Rate reductions in the mental health field arenít exactly news. But there was a curious confluence this spring, with significant payers in different parts of the country announcing sharp cuts: From April 2012 issue
Treating drug problems:
from alcohol to crystal meth

The popularity of particular drugs varies over time, and from place to place. As the overall addiction problem persists, thereís always a demand for clinicians who can help clients deal with it. From May 2012 issue
What can you do when a former client trashed you on the web?
Your response is limited by the law and professional ethics but you can do some things to protect yourself. From April 2011 issue


Facebook ads offer targeted alternative to other web marketing
Online advertising continues to evolve. Here's how to use Facebook to build your practice. From February 2011 issue
Non-compete clauses can be problematic for both parties
Whether you're an employer, employee or independent contractor you can get tangled in a non-compete web. We gathered advice from attorneys and rundown the situation in six major therapy markets. From January 2011 issue

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